dim. Déc 8th, 2019

DRC-Election: This is the worst election, ever!

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Congoleses lined up to vote on sunday despite nonexistant voter rolls and torrential downpours.


This election has demeaned democracy, elevated mediocrity and insulted and embarrassed all congolese on just about every level imaginable:

First of all, 

Many voters in the neighborhood of N’djili, were still waiting in the soaking rain for almost three hours after polls opened because voting rolls hadn’t yet arrived.

Secondly, many elderly and uneducated people are having a hard time to utilize the voting machine.

Finally, many congoleses could not find their names listed at the polling station where they supposed to vote.

This election was initially scheduled for 2016 but has been delayed more than two years by president Joseph Kabila due to unrest around the country and the logistical challenges of delivering voting materials. The delays allowed Kabila to stay on far past his constitutionally-mandated two-term limit.


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